Satisfaction guarantee

Experience Torga Optical's Magic Customer Service

As you know, great customer service is pure magic. We strive to create magic in your visit to any Torga Optical by providing:

Magic atmosphere - through warm friendly staff and a comfortable welcoming practice environment - remember "you're always welcome at Torga Optical" 

Magic service delivery - treating you with special care and attention and in particular telling you about the many options available in eyewear to suit your lifestyle and image. 

Magic promotions - to offer you great value at all times through our excellent promotions.


Torga's Industry Best Guarantees

When you purchase eyewear from Torga Optical you are entitled to the following guarantees that are outlined in your Personal Eyewear File that you receive with your purchase.

A 30 day unconditional guarantee - on all frames and lenses. If for whatever reason you are unhappy with your purchase, come back to the branch where you purchased your eyewear and we will replace or adjust to your satisfaction at no charge to you. Some exceptions do apply.

A minimum of 12 months manufacturer's guarantee - on all materials purchased including frames and lenses. Fair wear and tear is excepted. All of our frames and lenses are manufactured to strict quality control and we have confidence that the materials we offer you will last many years, subject to reasonable care and attention.

A lifetime of free adjustments and minor repairs - with every purchase of fashion eyewear from Torga Optical, you are entitled to a lifetime of free adjustments at any of our branches.

Accidental breakage discount: Should you break or damage your glasses and this is not covered by the above guarantees, then you will receive a minimum of 40% discount on the cost of repairing your spectacles. Some exceptions apply so please refer to your Personal Eyewear File.


Recommended Eyeglass Follow-Up Care

Your glasses will need to be adjusted from time to time. You can try and do it yourself, but this is not recommended as many spectacle frames require heating before they can be adjusted. It is also extremely easy to chip or damage your lenses. At Torga Optical we recommend you visit a branch within the first 30 days from collection of your spectacles and then every few months afterwards. More frequent visits may be necessary depending upon your lifestyle. Remember - you're always welcome at Torga Optical so come in any time for our advice or to have your fashion eyewear adjusted.


Quality Control on Lens Prescriptions

We operate our own lens grinding and fitting laboratories to ensure the strictest control on the quality of spectacles manufactured to your prescription.


How to Take Care of Your Glasses

Remembering a few simple things about taking care of your glasses can extend their life.

At Torga Optical we recommend you clean your lenses at least daily using warm water, a little bathroom soap, or special lens cleaners. It is best to dry them with a soft cotton towel or special eyeglass cleaning cloth. Don't blow on your lenses and then try to clean them with your clothing as dirt and fine dust on your lenses will be rubbed into the lenses and over time your lenses will become noticeably scratched. Do not use paper products to wipe your lenses including silicone tissues.

When you are wearing your glasses, keep them in their protective case. Never rest them face down on their lenses.

Always put on or take off your glasses with both hands, grabbing the sides (temples) midway on each side and sliding them backwards over your ears. This will help them keep their adjustment longer.