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Xtensa Toric

The Xtensa lens, will provide an improvement in vision even with astigmatism up to 0.75 diopters. Its aspherical front surface offers an excellent vision and great definition. Recommended for patients with myopia, hyperopia and low astigmatism


Visaq Monthly Contact Lenses (Pack of 3)

Torga Optical Visaq Monthly Soft Contact Lenses (Pack of 3)

$280 $252

Xtensa Rx Toric Contact Lenses

Xtensa Rx is a hydrogel toric monthly replacement lens for people with astigmatism. It features cylinders up to -5.75.


Xtensa Multifocal 3s

Xtensa Multifocal are multifocal monthly replacement contact lenses, made with a unique high-precision system, so you can enjoy a quality contact lens at a very good price. Dual Focus for coverage and presbyopia. Provide simultaneous vision for far and near distances with excellent results. They offer the option to see well far and read well close, with the same contact lens. Xtensa-Multifocal can be used with 2 Additions: LOW - progressive power presbyopia to 1.50 degrees and HIGH - progressive power presbyopia from 1.75 to + 2.50.

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$280 $850