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Lens Comfort Technology for Driving

A Driving Force Behind Lens Technology

Updated: Tues, 15 May 2018


Everyone wants the best technology with the best safety features for their vehicles. However, you may have the safest vehicle on the market, but if your eye sight is compromised so is your safety.




Impaired vision is res...

The Low Down on Polarised Lenses

Are you (literally) being Blinded by the Light?

Everyone wants polarised sunnies. But why? How much about this amazing technology do you actually know?

We’ve put together the low-down so that you know why and when to don your polarised sunglasses.

Lens Comfort Technology for Over 40s

Everything you need to know about Your Vision Over 40

Monday, 4 June 2018


In a world that is obsessed with eternal youth, efficiency and massive workloads, the inevitable deterioration of one’s eye sight at a certain age - *gulp* yes, forty – is a daunting prospect for many!


The good news i...

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