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Digital Lifestyle

Do you spend the majority of your waking time in front of a digital screen?

Many people will answer 'yes'. Digital eye strain has become so commonplace that it's even been given a medical term: Computer Vision Syndrome. Symptoms include redness or irritation of the eyes, blurred vision, dry eyes, general fatigue, back and neck pain and headaches.


What causes Digital Eye Strain? 

When one is reading off of a screen, the eyes have to constantly refocus and reposition in order to the process content. As a result, one doesn't blink as often. Blinking moisturises the front of the eye. The average person blinks around 16 times per minute. This is halved when using a digital device. General fatigue can also occur from staring at screens and straining to read small fonts and images.  


There's also the factor of blue-light that is emitted from digital screens that can cause premature ageing of the eye. (Click here to read more about blue light.)


Torga Optical has a number of products that combat Digital Eye Strain and help to protect your eyes against too much exposure to blue light - click on the options below to find a potential solution for you: