First, what are Bifocals?

These lenses have two different prescriptions in the same lens. A small portion in the lower part of the lens contains the power required to correct your near vision which is generally beneficial for reading and the top part of the lens is for distance vision.

Why no-line (blended) bifocals are better? 

Unlike the normal bifocals where you can see the line on the lens separating the two powers, the new technologically advanced bifocal lenses are smoothened out so that the line is no longer as visible to yourself and people you are interacting with. Some Bifocal wearers feel that the visible Bifocal line creates an appearance of "looking old", so invisible Bifocals can contribute to a younger look. 

What is the difference between no-line bifocals and multifocals?

No-line bifocals allow visual correction for only two distances (far and near). 

While multifocals correct for three distances:
Top part - far distance vision
Middle part - Intermediate and/or computer distance
Bottom part - for near vision, also typically used for reading 

What are the benefits of a no-line bifocal?

- There is no ridge or line on these lenses but still work like normal bifocals
Therefore a better cosmetically appealing lens
- They provide wider fields of vision for both far and near distance
- It has a low image jump compared to normal bifocals 
- They're easy to adapt to and; 
- They usually work well for patients who have been struggling to adapt to multifocals

What products are available at Torga Optical?

Better known as the Digital Bifocal, our no-line bifocal lenses are available at all Torga Optical branches. For a limited time, they are offered at the same price as traditional lined Bifocals.

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